Maruti Suzuki Launches 5 Natural Gas Models

Struggling Japanese Automaker Suzuki hopes it will fare better in India than it has in the US. To help make sure it does, Suzuki introduced Indian press to a full line-up of clean-burning CNG vehicles earlier this week.

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Suzuki is no stranger to CNG production models, and hopes that the new line-up of cars will boost sales in India’s emerging car market. In fact, Maruti Suzuki is predicting a 25% increase in overall sales once the CNG variant of the Alto K10 (just one the 5 CNG models shown) arrives in dealer showrooms later this month.

In addition to the Alto (shown, above) the company has introduced dual-fuel CNG versions of the Estilo, Wagon R, Eeco, and (Fiat-based) SX4, making use of innovative CNG engine tech called “intelligent Gas-Port Injection,” or iGPI. According to Suzuki, the i-GPI technology makes use of its ECU’s advanced processing power to ensures that the ride, handling, and feel of the cars is nearly identical in both standard gas and CNG driving “modes.”

With CNG being nearly 60% less expensive than gasoline, many Indians have tried their hand at DIY-style conversions to conventional gas cars. Suzuki hopes that the sophistication of their system, coupled with added safety systems in place in the OEM’s factory-made CNG cars, will tempt would-be converters to trade-out of their cars instead.

Here’s hoping something like this catches on Stateside. Hank Hill would be proud.


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