Kia Shows Off Electric Pop City Car Concept Ahead of Paris Motor Show

Although it will be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next month, Kia released a scant few details about its electric Pop concept car today, along with some pictures.

The Pop will be tiny, at just shy of 10 feet in length, and will have a 3 seat layout. Although better interior pictures aren’t available, you can see from the overhead picture in the gallery below that the front seats comprise a curved bench—a bit of a throwback to a time when bench seats allowed you to cuddle up with your honey for a cruise. It’s not clear to me where the third seat fits in, or how a passenger would access it.

Building on its new and *different* styling philosophy, the Pop is cute in that futuristic, Asian Manga sort of way. But the car also exudes a bit of an aggressive feel, as if it’s a female praying mantis getting ready to lop the head off its lover. Who knows if this concept will ever influence future Kia designs, but it certainly could.

Nick Chambers

Not your traditional car guy.