Clean Sports Car Startup Seeks Funding On eBay

Who doesn’t love eBay? I made a small fortune in college buying my text books for a semester and then selling them (always at a profit) on eBay at the end of the term. It has also helped me track down obscure parts for my stable of perpetual project cars. Besides books and car parts, I’ve sold cameras, computers, and much much more on eBay.

Never have I thought of using eBay to launch a company though. Ricky Søndergård, a Scandinavian, wants to find some capital investment for his new brand of lightweight, low-carbon sports cars. He claims his prototype makes 330 horsepower and gets around 80 mpg. Too good to be true?

I love a good diesel engine, and Søndergård apparently does too. There are no details on this project (though there is a website) and one must take such claims with a grain of salt. Is a 330 horsepower, 80 mpg diesel-powered sports car that far fetched though? Not really, when you consider that the target weight for this car is under 1,600 pounds. That is more like a glorified go-kart.

They have a prototype already, and are looking for capital to get their company going. $7 million is what they are asking… which, as far as car companies go, isn’t all that much. Plus, you will get your hands on that “patented technology” that is low weight, yet very stiff, important to any would-be sports car.

It is all a bit far fetched… but I like people who think outside the box. And who knows, maybe somebody reading this will have the money and the desire to get this guy’s dream started. And if that is the case, I want dibs on the first test drive.

Source: eBay via AutoBlog | Image: Sondergard

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