Biobutanol Powered Dyson Racing Takes ALMS Victory At Mid-Ohio

All the races for the American Le Mans Series should be on every green gearhead’s calender. After all, it has quickly become the greenest “conventional” racing series in America, and possibly even the world. They’ve done this by introducing new fuels and features into the series that promote innovation and fuel efficiency. In racing. You just don’t see that very often (NASCAR, I’m looking at you).

The latest entry into the ALMS series of alternative fuels was biobutanol, to be run by Dyson Racing. Proving the power of their special blend, Dyson just took their first checkered flag at this weekend’s Mid-Ohio Sport Challenge.

There are now four fuel options for racers in American Le Mans. Teams can choose from E-10, cellulosic E-85, and sulfur-free diesel in addition to biobutanol (which Dyson is the only team currently running that fuel). To stay on top of the times though, ALMS has seen fit to allow Porsche to enter their KERS hybrid in the last race of the season, and there is a good chance it will race throughout the whole series next year.

Dyson may have taken the overall victory by half a second, but it only came in third place in the Michelin Green X Challenge. This race-within-a-race takes into account how fast the cars went, how much fuel they used, and their overall fuel efficiency. That victory went to the Flying Lizard Porsche driven by Joerg Bergmeister and Patrick Long, their 2nd Green X victory this season.

The next race for ALMS is August 22nd at Road America Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin.

Source: American Le Mans Series

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