VW Bug Powered By Your Poop

There’s something about defecation that seems to both fascinate and revulse humans at the same time. In other words, there’s just something funny about poop and I can’t explain it. I will however, direct your attention to a poop-powered VW Bug built by some enterprising Brits.

GENeco has streamlined a process that allows this VW Bug to run on methane. This has been done before, but many methane vehicles had decreased performance because the fecal fuel wasn’t “clean” enough. GENeco seems to have solved this problem, and the Bio Bug as it is being called, is being hailed as a breakthough in poop-power.

The Bio Bug can run on either regular fuel, or on methane—although in the latter mode it requires a bit of regular fuel to initiate the start-up process (like many bio-diesel cars). The solid waste matter from 70 homes can provide enough fuel for the Bio Bug to drive 10,000 miles a year. So while you might not be able to power your car on just your own poop (unless you have a very large family), it can take you quite some distance on your neighborhood’s bowel movements.

However, GENeco is in the business of processing solid waste, resulting in 18 million cubic meters of bio-gas every year. That is enough gas to drive the Bio Bug over 95,000,000 miles a year. GENeco plans to convert its fleet of vehicles over to bio-gas after testing the Bio Bug extensively. This is nothing to laugh at; just savvy engineering and cost saving measures from a company thinking ahead.

Source: Inhabitat via GENeco

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