Lincoln Lineup Getting Bigger By Going Smaller

It still pains me that Ford has murdered the Mercury brand. I am a die-hard Mercury enthusiast, and even though it was before my time, I’ve heard many stories about the great cars Mercury used to make. The Cougar, the Comet, the Marauder… these are cars that quickly became legends. No more Mercury though, and Ford has officially sold Volvo (for $1.8 billion, a lot less than they bought it for), leaving the Blue Oval with just two brands; Ford and Lincoln.

The Lincoln lineup though, quite frankly, is kinda sad right now. Lincoln has no cars all its own, just rebadged Fords. That could change soon though, as Ford plans to focus on expanding the Lincoln lineup… though not in the direction you might think.

Traditionally, Lincoln and Cadillac (and even Chrysler) have been known for having huge cars. The 1977 to 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V is a perfect example. The land yacht had just two doors, yet was longer than many four door vehicles of its day. It averaged 7 mpg. Even today, most of Lincoln’s lineup is well over the 4,000 pound mark, and their lineup is made up mostly of crossovers and SUV’s that are just tarted up Fords.

The new plan over at Ford though is to downsize Lincoln, and give it some vehicles all its own. It could be based on the 2009 Lincoln Concept C, a tiny hatchback loaded with technology. Another possibility is a mid-size sedan based on the Ford Focus, or possibly the European Mondeo. Personally, I am holding out hope that someone at Ford decides to use the Mustang chassis and bring back the Lincoln Mark cars (we would be on Mark IX I believe). Throw in an EcoBoost engine, leather seats, and some fancy gadgets, and you’ve got yourself a great car. Better yet, design a mid-size Lincoln with power and comfort from the ground up; a 2+2 that can comfortably seat four adults for long journeys and return respectable gas mileage.

I will say though, I have some reservations about small luxury cars. I cannot think of a single luxury-branded automobile that would qualify as a “small” car. To have luxury, must you be large? Looks like Lincoln will find out in the next few years.

Source: Motor Authority | Image:  Ford

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