Porsche Planning Panamera Hybrid For 2011

The Porsche Panamera caused quite an uproar when the German auto manufacturer first unveiled it a few years ago. A four door Porsche? Madness! Worse than a Porsche SUV! Still, after the car was a hit with many reviewers, and pitchfork-armed Porsche mobs settled done and enjoyed the car for what it is; an overpriced, fast, four-door sedan.

Now word has come down that Porsche is planning to make the Panamera into a hybrid. Grab your pitchforks!

Porsche has already announced that it will be building a hybrid Cayenne, its turbocharged SUV. The Panamera will use the same drive train, which consists of a 46-horsepower electric motor mated to a 329 horsepower supercharged V6 engine. The standard Panamera has anywhere from 296 to 493 horsepower, depending on the selected engine. The Panamera has a best combined mile of 21 mpg (18 city/27 highway) and a worst of 18 mpg (15 city/23 highway).

How much of a difference will a hybrid system make? No idea. Since the hybrid system is being added to the bottom tier Panamera, the 3.6 liter, which already gets the best gas mileage, I can only assume there will be a substantial improvement in gas mileage. Even a 20% improvement would bring the Panamera up around 25 mpg combined. Not too shabby, especially for a Porsche.

Source: Autocar | Image: Porsche

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