GM Prices Volt At $41,000 Before Incentives, Pre-Ordering Begins Today

There has been so much speculation surrounding the Chevy Volt’s eventual price, that I’m just going to cut to the chase. GM has placed an official price on the Chevy Volt, its plug-in hybrid with a 40 mile all-electric range: $41,000. That is before any tax incentives, like the $7,500 Federal tax credit, (which would take the price down to about $33,500). This is pretty much what everybody was guessing the Volt would cost, so is it really any surprise?

The Volt will come with lots of standard features as well as add-ons, to a top-price of around $44,000. Even with tax incentives, the four-passenger Volt will be about $8,000-10,000 more than its nearest competitor, the Nissan LEAF. Yet GM says there is”no competitor”. O RLY?

Is there really no comparable competitor? GM does have a point; the LEAF has an expected range under optimal conditions of 100 miles on all-electric power. That is pretty good for a $25,000 car (after incentives) but it then needs between four and eight hours to go another 100 miles. The Volt can just top the gas tank off and has an estimated range of about 340 miles, 40 of which would be on just electricity. Plus, the Volt will supposedly be “loaded” with technology, have an eight-year/100,000 mile warranty on the battery pack, and a 5-year subscription to GM’s “Direction and Connection” OnStar service, which is a $1,500 value. Numerous Smartphone applications will even allow you to turn on the Volt’s air conditioning from your office so the car is nice and cool when you get in.

All of this sounds fine and dandy. But $41,000 for a Chevy Sedan? I guess that is the trend of things these days. Ford has an almost $40,000 Taurus SHO, and Dodge has has four-door sedans knocking on the $40,000 door for the better part of the past decade. It will be interesting to see how fast the pre-orders fill up, especially since Chevy is producing just 10,000 cars for 2011. The intial roll-out will include California, Washington D.C., Connecticut (yay!), and New Jersey. And if $41,000 seems like a lot to spend on a Chevy, you can lease it for $350 a month with $2,500 due at signing. That is comparable to the LEAF, which will lease for $349 a month with $1,999 due at signing.

Would you spend $41,000 on the Volt, or lease it, or skip it altogether and go for something else?

Source: Green Car Advisor | Picture: GM

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