Electric Renault DeZir To Be Basis For Nissan LEAF Sports Car?

Earlier this week I pounced on the news that Nissan may be working on a sports car version of the Nissan LEAF. I speculated that it could be based on the 370Z platform, as the current LEAF will be based on a modified Versa platform. Reader green racer posted a link in the comments section to an electric sports car Renault is working on, called the DeZir. Could this be the basis for a Nissan LEAF sports car instead?

I’ve never much cared for Renaults… but the DeZir really shakes things up. I’m actually starting to get my hopes up about this.

Nissan has a very rich history with sports cars, dating back to the original Datsun Z cars. I myself owned a Nissan 240SX, a peppy little cafe racer that is popular with drifters. Nissan makes fun cars, and a fun, affordable electric car would be right up my alley. So how I overlooked the Renault DeZir, I don’t know. Maybe I forgot that Nissan and Renault are essentially the same company now.

The DeZir was designed by Renault’s new lead designer, Laurens van dan Acker. The DeZir is the first project Acker has led himself, and the result is a sharp-looking coupe that looks both bold and futuristic. I especially like the rear end of this design; it looks like it would “flow” down the road more-so than drive. Of course, this is just a design, not a production-intent model (note the scissor doors). I think it would serve as a good design basis for a Nissan LEAF-based sports car, and Acker apparently thinks the drive train would fit the DeZir well. He imagines a 110 kW motor, and a 0-62 mph speed of around 5 seconds.

Give it a 100 mile range, light weight, and superior suspension with an under-$30k starting price, and you could have a real winner.

Source: Motor Nature | Images: Renault

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