All Electric Toyota Supercar Coming?

Reliable. Dependable. Boring. That is what most people have to say about their Toyotas. Ok, maybe not the third one, but anybody who is really into cars can see where I am coming from. There isn’t anything exciting or even turbocharged in the Toyota lineup. But there was a time when Toyota actually made some pretty exciting cars, like the mid-engine MR2 and the turbocharged Supra. Hell, even the Previa minivan had a supercharger and rear-wheel drive (I’m not kidding). There is the Lexus LFA, but… that doesn’t count because it’s too expensive and rare to be meaningful to the average Joe.

So when rumor has it that Toyota is working on a supercar, I get a little excited. The rumor mill has been churning out word of a Supra successor for years now, but lately the rumor mill has changed its tone. Is Toyota working on an all-electric supercar?

Motor Trend seems to think so. Alas, if Toyota is working on an electric supercar, it would be in a class of high-end automobiles, set to compete with the likes of the Mercedes E-Cell and Audi E-Tron. Hopefully, Toyota won’t add an “E” to the “E-Supra”. Possibly with help from their new partner, Tesla, Toyota may be developing an electric supercar with horsepower in the 500 range and a 0-60 of just 4 seconds. That is a seriously fast car… if it is being developed.

I feel that this rumor might actually be credible though. The Lexus LFA no doubt provided Toyota with a lot of useful aerodynamics and speed data. And Toyota is openly working with Tesla on other projects, even though Tesla has just one car to date, the super-fast Roadster. Why not stick to what they know? It would also add some excitement to the Toyota lineup, though from the sounds of it most of us still won’t be able to afford one.

Source: Motor Trend | Picture: Toyota (Lexus LFA)

Christopher DeMorro

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