SolarCity Adds 200 kW Of Solar Panels Along Highway 101

On my recent trip across country, I drove on many highways across 30 different states. Every highway was a bit different, from the two lane roads in Wyoming to the massive six-lane highways outside of LA. But all of them lacked the same thing; electric vehicle chargers. That would make any cross-country trip in an electric car difficult, if not impossible. One of the few exceptions was along Highway 101, in California.

SolarCity and Rabobank, who installed the electric vehicle chargers, have gone one step further and added 200 kW worth of solar panels to these charging stations. Clean, free energy, anyone?

It was only a few weeks ago when my girlfriend and I drove from San Diego all the way to Seattle. It was quite the trip, and we saw a lot of interesting things along the way, including a number of Tesla Roadsters. I wondered out loud how these cars were able to travel so far from charging stations (we were between L.A. and San Francisco at the time) when Nicole pointed out some of the electric vehicle chargers. Much to my surprise, they looked like they were being charged by solar panels!

Solar technology is not perfect, and en masse, it is unlikely they’d be able to provide enough electricity to drive even half of California, at least not right now. For the relatively few people driving electric cars right now though, this is a fine start to an electric vehicle charging infrastructure. So when do those of us on the East Coast get some love?

Source: Rabobank

Christopher DeMorro

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