BMW Releases Teaser Sketch of First Electric Car—The 2013 Megacity

Back in April we brought you news that BMW’s first full production (sadly the Mini E was just an experiment) electric car—the Megacity—will be hitting the market in 2013. The car will make extensive use of carbon fiber to decrease weight and increase structural rigidity. BMW also said it would be of a striking design, although at the time there were no pictures to back up this claim.

Well, now there are. BMW has released a teaser concept sketch of what the Megacity might look like… and man is it different than any BMW I’ve ever seen.

Although this announcement is all over the internet right now, the folks over at AutoblogGreen are claiming exclusive access to pre-release information that the Megacity will be powered by a greater than 100 kW motor (134 HP), but its top speed will be limited to 93 mph. As we already knew, the vehicle will be incredibly light weight and have rear wheel drive. So even though it’s got a limited top speed, it will be able to get there screamingly fast given the incredible torque characteristics of electric motors.

In addition to the concept sketch, BMW has also released pictures of the underpinnings of the Megacity—with full on crash test dummy airbag deployment shots… how classy. But, those underpinnings are special in that they are made entirely of carbon fiber. Clearly the teaser sketch is highly stylized and not really what the final car will look like. But if I were to guess what design feature might remain in the final production model, I’d say that the extremely raked front end and stubby back end will probably stick around. The huge tires are surely gone, along with the tiny headlights. From the sketch it looks like it may have 3/4 rear doors that open towards the rear to allow access to small back seats—suggesting a 2+2 or a 3+1 seating arrangement.

What do you all think?

Nick Chambers

Not your traditional car guy.