Report: VW E-Up! Electric City Car Headed to U.S. in 2013

After an introducion at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, Volkswagen gave strong hints that their cute and modern E-Up! minicar would see production by 2013. There was no word on how much it would cost or where, exactly, it would be sold, but the reactions to the car were solid enough that it seemed like a sure thing. Later reports even seemed to indicate that the E-Up! was specifically tagged for the US market.

But recently it seemed that VW had killed off the idea of creating a niche market city EV in favor of producing and electric Golf in its stead. Well, fire up the rumormill again, it seems that Automobile Magazine has some sort of inside line into the workings of the VW EV program, and, although the combustion engined Up! won’t be sold in the United States, the E-Up! will make it here by 2013.

The VW Up! really is a diminutive little car. About the same size as a Smart ForTwo, the Up! manages to pack an additional adult seat in back, providing room for 3 adults, plus one extra seat that is good enough to fit a kid or a small adult in a pinch. When the E-Up! concept was introduced, VW said it would have a range of 80 miles on one charge and a top speed of 84 mph—good enough for most people’s daily commutes. Especially in the city.

The production E-Up! is said to still look much like the original concept. Although this far ahead of launch there would be no clue as to the price, gauging by how much the combustion engined Up! will sell for overseas (about $11,000 US), you can be the E-Up! will be in the low $20K’s. Sounds like a solution for many folks, but can you wait until 2013?

Source: Automobile Magazine

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