T.25 City Car Unveiled By Gordon Murray

For a while there, it seemed like there would be no limit on how big cars could get. Trucks and SUV’s had replaced minivans in most family garages, and it was starting to looking like we’d return to the old days where land yachts dominated the highways. Now though, car trends are tending to get smaller… and smaller. How small can we go?

Gordon Murray Designs think we can get very small. Yesterday the design firm lifted the veil its T.25 city car. Weighing in at just 1,212 pounds, the featherweight car is powered by a paltry 51 horsepower engine. But at 62 mpg, is the fuel efficiency worth the trade off in size?

The car has been a work in progress for some time, and while the actual look and design of the car might not be all that revolutionary, other aspects of the car help it garner some green cred. For example, the factory where the T.25 will be built can be easily retooled to build other variants of the car, and the assembly building will take up just 20% of the space of traditional car factories.

The light weight of the car and low-energy manufacturing process puts fuel-sipping hybrids to shame, and many recycled materials are supposedly going to be used in the assembly. It lacks a traditional door system, instead having the front hatch swing open to allow access. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the T.25 isn’t what I would call a “good looking” car. Not very aerodynamic either, at least to my untrained eye. But at 62 mpg, and with cheap assembly costs, the T.25 might actually represent a good deal, depending on the asking price.

What would you pay for one of these eye sores… I mean cars?

Source: Gordon Murray Design

Christopher DeMorro

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