New Mercedes Gullwing To Go Electric

The big boys are really stepping up to the plate these days. With every automaker promising some sort of hybrid or electric car, it is only natural that the luxury brands get in on this action too. And since electric vehicles tend to cost more than comparable petrol cars, why not market them to the affluent crowd?

The latest example in luxury-perfect-electric cars? The yet-to-hit-showrooms gullwing SLS AMG supercar from Mercedes. They are making an all-electric version of the gullwing called the E-Cell… and it looks like it might actually make it to market.

Currently a prototype, the gas-powered version has only just recently started hitting showroom floors, but already Mercedes has touted an AMG racer version… and now an electric version that produces an enormous amount of torque. It can go from 0-60 mph in four seconds thanks to the 649 ft-lbs of torque provided by its electric motors. With no exhaust system, the rear diffuser and front splitter have been tweaked to provide even more downforce.

The E-Cell uses over 300 lithium-ion battery cells, though no word on what its proposed range is. The car is slated to debut in 2013… but a lot can happen in three years. And with a $307,000 price tag, this is an electric car few people will even be able to consider buying. It is a driving prototype though, so perhaps it can change a few minds when it comes to electric car performance…

Source: Automobile Magazine | Image: Mercedes

Christopher DeMorro

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