Hyundai Readies 40 MPG Sport Coupe Codenamed “Veloster”

Five years ago if you told me Hyundai would be making some of the best cars in the U.S., I would have laughed in your face. These days though, the perky brand from Korea is no joke. The new Sonata, the rear-wheel drive Genesis Coupe and Sedan, and even the ugly Elantra have gone on to give much bigger companies a run for their money. I actually… like… Hyundai.

And now I may have even more reason to like them. Spy shots have revealed a hatchback coupe, which sources say is code named the Veloster. In addition to being a sporty little car, this coupe is said to get around 40 mpg… beating out the hybrid CR-Z. Is it too good to be true?

I’m still on the fence about the CR-Z, and in my opinion any hybrid that doesn’t get more than 40 mpg (at least in a car) just shouldn’t be a hybrid. Hyundai seems to be concentrating on improving the internal combustion engine’s efficiency though, with many of its cars getting better gas mileage by leaps and bounds. Hybrids lack a certain performance charm… the CR-Z was supposed to change that, but with a piddling amount of horsepower, and so-so gas mileage, I have a feeling it is going to disappoint more than a few people who expect more grunt from their sports coupe.

The Veloster, Hyundai’s project sports coupe, could change that. Nothing has been confirmed (and the old name “Tiburon” is still being thrown around too), but this little car could get a 140 horsepower, 1.6 liter engine that gets 40 mpg. Not bad at all! If those numbers are true, it almost doesn’t matter what the car looks like; I’d rather have it than the CR-Z. It should also be cheaper than the CR-Z as it lacks those fancy hybrid components. We likely won’t know more until the Paris Auto Show in the fall. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it ain’t fugly though.


Source: Motor Authority

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