21 Teams Make it Through to Second Round of Automotive X-Prize

The Progressive Automotive X-Prize is in full swing. After the initial “Shakedown” phase a few weeks ago, there are now 21 teams left standing to enter the “Knockout Qualify Stage.” The Knockout stage is another on-road stage held at the same location as the Shakedown — the Michigan International Speedway, in Brooklyn, MI. It actually started last Sunday and will run through June 30.

In order to pass the Knockout stage, the remaining vehicles and teams will have todemonstrate an ability to meet at least 2/3rds of the main Auto X-Prize targets for fuel efficiency, range and emissions while being tested in a variety of urban and highway settings. This means that the cars need to return an average of 67 MPGe and less than 300g/mile CO2 emissions. Additionally, the Mainstream class of vehicles will need to demonstrate a range of at least 134 miles, while the Alternative class will need a range of at least 68 miles. You can see the Knockout stage schedule here.

During the Shakedown stage, all the cars were tested for basic safety and avoidance criteria. Those tests will also continue into the Knockout stage, being judged by a team from Consumer Reports.

The Michigan International Speedway will be open to the public this Friday, June 25, 2010. So if you’re interested and you’re close by, stop in and take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes. If you miss that event, you can also check out the vehicles at the Great Lakes Wine Festival, taking place at Michigan International Speedway this weekend (June 26-27).

Check out the graphics below for a recap of the competition so far, as well as current standings.

Mainstream Class:

Alternative Class – Side-by-Side:

Alternative Class – Tandem:

Source: Progressive Automotive X-Prize

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