EV Sports Concept Performance Car Races to the Clouds

The racing season is in full swing right now, and if you’re a performance enthusiast like me, then you hardly know which way to turn when looking for a good race. There are just so many going on at once! But there is one race unlike any other in the world; the Race to the Clouds

Taking place on the world famous Pikes Peak, the Race to the Clouds pits man and machine against mountain. An ever increasing number of electric vehicles have been tackling this race, and 2010 is no different. Yokohama Tires is tossing veteran driver Ikuo Hanawa back in the seat of the EV Sports Concept HER-02, an electric buggy. But this year, they’ve got new… tires?

First, a recap; last year, Hanawa drove the EV Sports Concept to second place in its class. And proving that electric vehicles have plenty of performance gusto, Hanawa missed the world record by a scant 13 seconds.

So what’s this about new tires?

As any professional racer will tell you, the right tires can make all the difference. Yokohama, being the tire maker that they are, have equipped the EV Sport Concept with new tires infused with… orange juice. Actually, orange oil. Called “Super Nano-Rubber Power,” they cut the use of petroleum in tires by 20%. Baby steps, as they say, but important none the less.

It remains to be seen if the change in tires, or any improvements to the EV buggy, can shave 13 seconds and steal the record. But I know who I’ll be rooting for come June 27th, the day of the race. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make my way there on my road trip.

Source: Yokohama

Christopher DeMorro

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