A123 to Supply Batteries For US’ First Commercial 2-Ton Truck

Things are starting to line up nicely for the first commercial class 2c-3, 2-ton, 12,000 pound truck in the U.S. — the eStar. After signing an agreement with FedEx to test the trucks in a delivery fleet, and then commencing production earlier this year, Navistar has now entered into an agreement with battery supplier A123 systems to provide the truck’s 80 kWh battery packs.

Navistar plans on producing about 4,000 of the trucks a year, and has already seen significant interest in them — even with the estimated $150,000 asking price. The trucks are said to have a 100 mile range,  can carry up to 4,400 pounds and have a gross vehicle weight rating of 12,100 pounds. Although the electric motor only puts out a relatively scant 102 HP (70 kW), it does provide 221 ft-lbs of torque.

The agreement with A123 is significant because it locks in long term supply for Navistar, important considering the coming onslaught of EVs will all need batteries and it’s looking like the supply might be constrained at some point.

Source: Green Car Advisor

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