Japanese Team Pushes Electric Car 623 Miles Without Recharging

Driving in a Daihatsu Mira equipped with a huge 74 kWh lithium-ion battery and a brushless DC motor, the Japan EV Club has achieved a new world record for an electric car: 1003.184 kilometers (623 miles) without recharging.

Although the team didn’t exceed 25 mph and was on a racing oval at a constant speed, the 8.4 miles traveled per kWh (mpkWh) statistic is an amazing achievement in-and-of-itself.

Most EVs hitting the market within the next few years will have an average efficiency of 4-5 mpkWh, so roughly doubling that is amazing. Through a combination of super efficient driving and technological goodies such as low rolling resistance tires and a carbon fiber seat, 17 drivers from the Japan EV Club tested their mettle over the course of the 27.5 hour drive last weekend. Even more impressive: last year the crew tried the same exact challenge and only returned a 345 mile range with the same battery.

Clearly, the methods in which the record was set don’t reflect real world conditions, but even so, 623 miles in a battery 3 times the size of the Nissan LEAF’s (range: 100 miles) is impressive… and it goes to show just how much of an effect driving conditions can have on your battery range. This brand new world of EVs is gonna take some getting used to, no?

Source: Electric Vehicle News (via Autobloggreen)

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