Nissan LEAF Pre-Orders Reach 13,000; LEAF “Sold Out”

Despite some serious efforts by nearly every major automaker to get an electric car on the roads within the next five years, EVS are still being met with a lot of skepticism. Some say the limited range will lock it into city driving, and others are say the driving public isn’t ready to jump behind the wheel of something so similar to a gas-car, and yet so different.

Don’t tell that to Nissan though. The Japanese company’s LEAF electric car has been met with thunderous applause. Now, just a little over a month after Nissan sent out the first pre-order emails, CEO Carlos Ghosn has announced that the first 3 months of LEAF supply is officially “sold out” with 13,000 $99 reservations on the books.

Yes, it was just 36 days ago that Nissan sent reservation emails to all the “hand-raisers” who signed up and showed interest in the LEAF early on. Reserving the LEAF requires a $99 refundable deposit, so it will be interesting to see how many people who plunk down the $99 actually follow through, though I’m pretty confident there will be plenty of people to fill their spot should they back out. But why are there be so few cars available?

I’ve got a few ideas why. The Nissan LEAF is going to be spread thin when it first comes to market. Nissan is allied with Renault, and the two companies have formed a hundreds of strategic alliances with countries like Ireland to provide the government with electric vehicles. Even with Renault, which is getting its own EV called the Fluence, it seems like everybody is going to want one of these cars when they roll off the factory floor.

So much for that skepticism. Lets just hope Renault-Nissan can hold up their end of the bargain.

Source: Detroit Free Press : Image: Nissan


Christopher DeMorro

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