“Cell” Concept Electric Vehicle Part of Large Car Sharing Web

As I’ve said before, I love concept cars — even hopelessly impractical ones. This is because they serve as a test bed and a gauge for the consumers’ interest in certain technology. Chrysler learned the hard way people don’t want turbine cars, but the Camaro concept car worked out well for GM.

The Cell concept car is merely one artist’s attempt to predict the future of green travelling. With an airplane-like cockpit, high-tech goodies, and an electric powertrain, the three-wheeler is an exercise in being different.

Designed by Tom Kent, the Cell is designed to provide commuters with short-range, emissions free transportation with some degree of freedom. The key to this concept is that no one “owns” a Cell vehicle; rather, you would be part of a larger sharing network. You pick up the vehicle at pre-designated charging stations, drive it around, and return it to the nearest charging station when done. It is basically an electric car sharing program on steroids, ideal for city commuters.

Alas, the Cell lacks the ability to plug into a wall socket, so you can’t bring it home and get it charged. I also imagine there would be a GPS or LoJack-style tracking device inside the vehicle. As far as entertainment goes, LCD screens and a body that leans in the corners provide a more “dynamic” driving experience. The two front wheels can even come together to present a narrower front to slip through traffic, and the seating arrangement is much like a jet fighter, with the driver in front and the gunner, errr, passenger, behind.

The idea of an electric car sharing program has a lot of merit though. Consumers avoid the high cost of outright buying an electric car, and centralized charging points would take care of charging needs. Somebody should really look into such a program.

Source: Tom Kent via Inhabitat

Christopher DeMorro

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