Plug-In Hybrid Diesel Range Rover Still On Track, Could Have 20 Minute Fast Charge

Last year Land Rover filled us in on their plans to build a diesel-powered, plug-in hybrid version of their Range Rover Sport. The vehicle is reported to have a 20 mile all-electric range and emit a relatively small 100 g of carbon dioxide per mile. Land Rover currently has 5 prototypes of the thing in testing on the roads of Britain and plans to launch the vehicle in 2012.

Although further details are lacking at this point, the vehicle is said to use a new 3 liter V-6 diesel paired with a 25 kW electric motor.

And while a plug-in hybrid off-road vehicle with the legendary durability of a Range Rover sounds great in and of itself, the fact that Land Rover is said to be in talks with power provider E.On to build a 20 minute fast charge capability into the vehicle is also exciting news. No word on pricing yet, but given that the base Range Rover Sport costs over $60K, you can bet the PHEV version of the thing will be much more expensive.

Source: Green Car Advisor

Nick Chambers

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