GM Announces Hydrogen Infrastructure Pilot Project In Hawaii

I’ve been hearing about hydrogen cars for decades. The wave of the future, they say. Clean, efficient transportation whose only byproduct is water. It all sounds very promising, and hydrogen is supposedly the most abundant element in the universe. While the technology and cars are there, the infrastructure, unfortunately, is not. And it could be decades before such an infrastructure is in place.

But good old General Motors hasn’t given up on hydrogen yet. Yesterday, they announced they would be starting a pilot program in Hawaii to test the viability of a hydrogen infrastructure on a smaller scale. Looks like Hawaii really is serious about alternative energy.

GM has partnered with The Gas Company (original name, that), a local natural gas and propane company that also produces synthetic natural gas. GM will use TGC’s extensive pipe network to set up between 20 and 25 hydrogen fueling stations on the large island of Oahu. While the stations would be spread out relatively thin across the Northwest part of the island, 15 stations would be concentrated in the Southeast metro area, meaning drivers would never be more than 10 minutes from a pumping station. Such are the benefits of living in a small state.

GM already has a number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the works, and the technology to actually propel the cars seems well on its way. It is the infrastructure that is holding us back. Hopefully this pilot program will prove the viability of hydrogen, and encourage states on the mainland to look into building their own such infrastructure. Hydrogen poses unique challenges in getting it from processing to gas pump, but the benefits; zero emissions, unlimited fuel resources, and viable technology today… make it worth the extra effort.

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Source: GM


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