Nissan LEAF Said to Cost Between $36K and $37K in Britain, Including Battery

Autocar UK is reporting that an “industry source” claims the Nissan LEAF will be sold for between £24,000 and £25,000 ($36-37K US) when it goes on sale in Britain next year. That price will include the battery pack. It had been rumored that Nissan would set up a battery lease program in Europe which would significantly offset the up front cost of buying into the technology and it remains to be seen if the battery lease will still be an option.

In the US the base model of the LEAF will sell for $32,780, including the battery. Considering how high the taxes and use fees are in Britain versus the U.S., if the reported British price is accurate, it’s amazing that Nissan is able to price the LEAF for only $4-5K more in the island nation.

Although that price may sound high to people in the U.S. — given that we have access to a $7,500 federal tax credit — the Brits also have access to a £5,000 electric car incentive… bringing the price down to £19,000 or £20,000 ($29-30K US). If that price still seems high, consider that a base model Prius in Britain sells for around £19,000 as well (pdf). To me, an all-electric car at the price of a base model Prius sounds like a steal.

Source: AutoCar

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