Arizona Rental Home Company Installs First EV Charging Station

In many past discussions about EVs, one of the biggest concerns I hear is “What if I live in an apartment or some other rental unit and I want an EV? How do I charge it?”

The only response I’ve been able to come up with so far is that, clearly, this first (actually, second, for you Who Killed the Electric Car? fans) wave of mass-market EVs is not geared towards those who can’t install charging stations on their own property. Companies like Nissan are even trying to screen out potential EV owners on this issue to make sure that early adopters have as good of an experience as possible.

But if you’re persistent enough, and/or your landlord or management company is forward thinking enough, you might not be out of luck after all. Case in point: Tucson Rental Homes, a rental management company working to develop “super energy efficient” rentals, has installed its first electric vehicle charging point in one of their complexes in Arizona even though there really aren’t any mass market EVs available yet.

Built by Coulomb Technologies, the networked ChargePoint station is “open to all drivers of plug-in vehicles.” To gain access to the charge station, drivers simply need to call the round-the-clock toll-free number on the station, or sign up ahead of time to get a ChargePass card. All Coulomb ChargePoint networked stations feature:

  • Charging status by SMS text or email notification
  • Location of unoccupied charging stations via smart phones
  • Authenticated access to eliminate energy theft
  • Smart Grid integration for utility load management with future V2G capabilities
  • A ChargePoint iPhone App

“Installing this ChargePoint charging station is significant for us because we are investing in the future in a smart way,” said Brent Sandweiss of Tucson Rental Homes in a statement. “We consider this charging station one of the great amenities of a green Rental Home Community, and we want to reward our residents willingness to use alternative energy sources. The fact that there are other charging stations nearby is an added bonus.”

So for those of you apartment dwellers who want to own an electric car before everybody else, don’t despair, just find yourself a landlord who is fully on board for the EV revolution… or move to Arizona. But get crackin! You’ve got less than a year now.

Image Credit: Coulomb Technologies

Source: Press Release

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