Low Price Renault in Works to Compete With Tata Nano; Targeting $2,500

There was a time when even the top-end cars only cost around $3,000. Of course, that was when $3,000 could buy you a very nice house too. Still, these days $3,000 doesn’t get you into a very nice car, unless you get lucky. And it certainly won’t get you a new car in the United States. But it will in India.

The Tata Nano has become a huge hit practically overnight: thanks to its low cost and standard features the Nano stickers for around $2,100. The success of the Nano seems to have convinced Renault that there is a market for super-cheap cars. The French automaker is now planning a $2,500 micro car of its own.

According to Autoblog, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn mentioned during a speech at Renault’s annual meeting that they intended to produce a micro car with a price tag similar to the Nano with the help of Nissan and the Bajaj Group. Also buried in the speech was the announcement that Renault and Nissan plan on sharing 80% of their platforms and 70% of their powertrain components with each other. This is on top of Renault-Nissan’s plan to share platforms and engines with Daimler.

The alliance with Bajaj is a bit of a strange one. Bajaj is the world’s fourth largest builder and seller of two-wheeled vehicles, mostly motorcycles and mopeds and scooters. Does that mean the Nano fighter will be powered by a motorcycle engine? It is possible. The goal of the car is to be able to travel 30 km/liter, or a whopping 70 mpg. The Nano gets about 56 mpg. The Nano fighter also aims to emit just 100 grams/km. This car has apparently been in the works since 2008, so it should hopefully be unveiled soon.

Source: AutoBlog | Environmental News Network | Image: Tata

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