Tesla Roadster is Top Earth Day Prize on The Price is Right

The Earth Day episode of The Price is Right featured a Tesla Roadster as the grand prize. With a value of over $100,000 it was the most expensive single item giveaway the show has ever had.

If you’re a game show fan you know the storied history behind the Price is Right, and being featured on the show is no small matter. As the longest running game show on U.S. television, it’s a testament to just how far Tesla’s come: as of January 2010, 1,000 Roadsters have been produced and have been delivered to 43 U.S. states and 21 nations.

The episode also included an appearance by Ed Begley, Jr. and some other “earth frendly” prizes including a solar cabana, an electric bike, a Toyota Prius, cell phones made of recycled materials, and a recycling cabinet. If you’re so inclined, videos of the all the episodes are on the CBS site.

Source: AutoblogGreen

Image Credits: Thomas Doerfer

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