Fiat 500 To Get Four Doors For America?

My father surprised me the other night when he told me how much he loves the Fiat 500. Strange words from the man who has pretty much lived in a pickup truck for the past two decades. He is in good company though, as the Fiat 500 is one of the best selling cars in Europe. And Fiat is betting the car will sell well here in America too.

As part of its strategic alliance with Chrysler, Fiat is going to start building the 500 in Mexico, and selling them in North America. It will be the first Fiat to be sold in America in decades, and it could one day be offered with four doors… just for us!

I have seen the Fiat 500 in person at the New York Auto Show, as well as having watched Top Gear’s review of it. It is a sharp car, loaded with technology. It is also a gas sipper. All good reasons it could be very popular in America. But typically, Americans like their cars… well, large. For better or worse, we do have a lot of stuff.

The 500 will be Fiat’s only offering upon launch, though numerous Fiats and Alfa Romeos and Lancias will likely be rebadged as Chryslers in the near future. A four door 500 would be longer and wider than the coupe, and probably not too pretty. Why mess with perfect? Two doors has gotten the Fiat 500 along just fine since 1957 (though it did take an extended brake for about three decades).

Source: Motor Trend | Image: Fiat

Christopher DeMorro

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