Ecos “Fun!” Electric “Jeep” Has 100 Mile Range, Reasonable Price

If you’ve been reading Gas 2.0 for awhile now, you probably know I am a big Jeep fan. I like my Wrangler for its versatility and reliability. It is also a great conversation starter, because it seems like every other vehicle I see is a Wrangler (what else might you expect from a farm town). My Wrangler gets terrible gas mileage though, and I have secretly longed for a diesel engine or even an electric motor.

The Ecos Fun! is not a Wrangler. Nor does it appear very versatile, seeming more like a glorified golf kart. But Ecos claims the Fun! has a 100 mile range and a top speed of 70 mph, all starting at $24,995 — very reasonable if you ask me. And it sorta looks like a Jeep.

I haven’t yet figured out the trend with adding an exclamation point to a car’s name (Volkswagen up!, and TH!NK I’m looking at you). I’ve also learned to temper my expectations (at least for now) when it comes to manufacturer’s claims about their products. But on paper, the Ecos Fun! sounds pretty good. 100 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 70 mph, and all for about $25,000. Without a canopy, it would make for a good trip to the beach or just driving around in quiet, electrified dignity… because I am doubtful it is a particularly fast sprinter.

Ecos also just started selling their Harbringer sports car. This lightweight sports car reminiscent of a Lamborghini offers a 150 mile range, 117 mph top speed, and a 0-60 time of under six seconds. Sounds like a competitor for the Tesla! The Harbringer starts at $90,000, a lot of money but still less than Tesla’s Roadster.

Source: Ecos Motors

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