Denver Getting First City-Wide Bike Sharing Program

I don’t have much experience with bicycles to be honest. Like most little kids, I had my fair share of bikes, and I enjoyed pedaling around. But living on a major road in the middle of nowhere, pedaling around in a circle in my backyard eventually got boring. Yet, I imagine if I was forced to live in the city, I’d be biking a whole lot more.

Due to the generally higher concentration of people in Europe, many European cities have already implemented bike sharing programs, but the idea hasn’t really caught on in the U.S. yet. Could things be changing? On Earth Day, B-Cycle is opening what they claim is the U.S.’s first city-wide bike sharing program in Denver, Colorado.

B-Cycle isn’t a single entity, but rather a partnership between several groups; insurance company Humana, bike maker Trek Bicycle, and advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bugosky. They are opening 50 stations across Denver in hopes that they can promote biking among the general populace as a way to improve health and reduce pollution.

To that end, B-Cycle bikes are being equipped with computers that will tell you how many miles you’ve biked, how many calories you’ve burned, and how many “carbon offsets” you’ve earned. How that works, I’m not sure (compared to driving a Hummer, or a Prius?). But what I really like about bike sharing is that it removes the hassle of locking your bike up. I’m a bit paranoid, and I hate having my stuff stolen, especially my mode of transportation. But bike sharing lets you bike to where you need to go (for a fee) and then park the bike without another worry. B-Cycle is looking to expand to Boston and Minneapolis in the coming months and other states in the cross hairs. Personally, I think they should look to the warmer states first.

As much as I love cars, I can definately get behind a bike sharing program. You can read the full press release on the next page.

Source: B-Cycle

Christopher DeMorro

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