Plug-In Hybrid Hummer Tackles Moab Off-Roading

While frowned upon by many in my home state of Connecticut, off-roading is nevertheless a prevalent past time in a state filled with farms, forest, and Fortune 500 CEO’s. In fact, for such a politically liberal state, there are a surprising number of Hummers (though far more Priuses). While mostly reserved for commuting, every now and then I’ve seen a Hummer tearing it up off-road.

Still, there is a part of me that winces everytime I see the mud flying and the engines revving. It is bad for the environment, and off-roading definitely breeds a disregard for nature. It is still fun, but if there was a better way to do it, I would be all over it. Raser Tech’s plug-in hybrid Hummer might just be that better way.

The Raser Tech Hummer is sort of like a Volt on steroids. It follows the same premise as the Volt, with a gas engine powering a generator that provides power to a battery pack. The gas engine doesn’t drive the car; electric motors do. These electric motors can supposedly take the Raser Tech Hummer up to 40 miles on electricity alone. Sounds a bit optimistic for the heavy H3, but not impossible.

Raser Tech took their H2 to the annual Jeep Safari gathering in Moab, Utah, to show off its off-road capablities. It is a bit unsettling though to watch this Hummer climbing over rocks without a single sound, but kinda cool at the same time. Maybe I’m just used to big block Chevy Suburbans belching out blue smoke trying to get over a three foot rock pile. So is a plug-in hybrid Hummer green? I doubt some of the claims (like 100 mpg) and any car that uses gas is certainly not “Zero Emissions.” Still, I certainly think its an improvement.

Source: Raser Tech

Christopher DeMorro

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