Ray LaHood Says “People Want Out Of Their Cars”

Some of our readers got mildy defensive about my post regarding extreme commuting. They made some valid points; sometimes you just don’t have a choice, especially if you switch jobs, or your partner works in the opposite direction requiring a compromise. But I still have a hard time imagining that all the driving could ever be worth it. And I love driving… just not to the same place, every day, for hours on end.

Apparently Ray LaHood, the Secretary of Transportation, agrees with me. Last month right before he announced a new policy regarding equal consideration for cars, bikers, and pedestrians, he told the National Bike Summit that “People want out of their cars”. Do they really?

I hope the car never disappears. That said, I think there are just too many cars on the road. It can really ruin the driving experience when you have to spend hours in gridlock, fighting traffic into and out of cities just to make a living. Driving should always be an option, but LaHood seems to think that given other options, people would choose public transportation. He is probably right.

Driving takes a lot of concentration. Just because it has become second nature for many of us doesn’t mean we should be yakking on the cell phone or trying to catch up on work. If someone else is doing the driving, we can focus on other things. This is really just common sense stuff. So why haven’t we been doing more about getting out of our cars until now? I guess we haven’t had enough free time to even consider it. And hey, the less people on the roads, the more room for me (and whoever wants to join me).

But seriously, I think people do spend too much time in their cars on a daily basis. In my opinion, driving should mostly be a pleasure, or at the very least it shouldn’t be a chore. So give us trains, give us bike lanes, give us options!

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