Nissan Gives EV Advocacy Group, Plug In America, $25K to Expand Programs

We’ve written about Paul Scott many times on these pages. In fact, just a couple of days ago he was featured prominently in a piece about treating electric cars fairly in the new fuel economy and emissions rules recently enacted by the federal government. Personally, I’ve met him and his wife, Zan Dubin Scott, a few times and they are just two of nicest people you’ll ever meet.

As the Vice President of leading EV advocacy group, Plug In America, Paul has been a tireless supporter of shifting away from our conventionally-powered transportation sector in favor of plug ins. You may recognize his name from the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, in which he was featured as a driver of one of the original RAV4 EVs.

So it makes me happy to learn that Paul Scott and his organization have been given a $25,000 grant from Nissan to expand their work in getting Americans ready for the coming onslaught of EVs and speed their mass adoption.

“We are thrilled that Nissan has acknowledged Plug In America’s leadership in the reintroduction of EVs to the marketplace,” said the advocacy organization’s president, Dan Davids, during a two-day meeting at Nissan USA headquarters in Tennessee. “This grant will accelerate our efforts to educate industry, government, and consumers about the many benefits of plug-in vehicles.”

Plug In America began life in 2003 as “” in response to the issues brought up in “Who Killed the Electric Car?” — specifically the fact that GM was collecting and crushing all of the EV1’s it had built for some inexplicable reason. Up until 2008 Plug In America was a loosely organized group of scrappy advocates. But in the last couple of years, as the second coming of the electric car has gained more mainstream acceptance, the group has become a force to be reckoned with. This latest grant from Nissan only serves to underscore how far they’ve come.

Plug In America is always looking for members and has some great resources available, including the guidebook “Charged Up and Ready to Roll: The Definitive Guide to Plug-in Electric Vehicles.” The guidebook normally costs $8, but comes included with a $25 membership.

Source: Plug In America

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