Solar Powered Personal Transportation Pods Worth Pondering

Lots of people have lots of ideas for how to resolve our current transportation woes. Some ideas are impractical and wacky, while others could potentially solve all our problems and then some… if they are ever implemented. But whether or not certain ideas are feasible, I still find it interesting to see what other people come up with when it comes to transportation solutions.

This solar-powered personal monorail falls somewhere between “keep dreaming” and “maybe… some day” in terms of practicality. It could even ship cargo as well as people. How is that for versatile!

Called the “Community Transit” system, it was designed by Dave Owsen. Each cell has enough room for two adults plus shopping bags, purses, backpacks, etc. The passengers would face each other, and one wall would be a window, the other a sideways sliding door. There is a touch screen interface that would allow passengers to select a destination and proceed there post-haste. In order to avoid other pods, two monorails would run parallel to each other, allowing the express route to bypass local stops.

It would be a rather clever way to make taxis and the like obsolete. What I really like about this idea though, is that it would be built up… so it wouldn’t require taking up much more space (save for the loading stations). Plus, it maintains personal space, so no more jamming on to crowded subways.

The only real issue I have with this would-be project is the solar-powered aspect. Every designer seems to think they can slap some solar panels on an airship or train or what have you and it’ll suddenly be self-sufficient. I don’t think it works that way. The track would likely need outside electrical sources to be used en masse, though regenerative braking could make up for some of the lost electricity too. While I don’t expect this system to be implemented, the idea is still worth pondering at the very least.

Source: Dave Owsen via Inhabitat

Christopher DeMorro

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