Obama’s Limo Will Not Get a Hybrid Drivetrain

I try to stay out of politics. It is an ugly, ugly arena, especially these days. I like cars much more.

But so far I have liked Obama’s stance on automobiles. He is pushing for alternative fuels, electric cars, and better fuel efficiency. I can definitely dig that. But in my mind, the best leaders lead by example. Although the Presidential limo is already powered partially by biodiesel, Obama had been pushing to get a hybrid drivetrain fitted to it as well, but the Secret Service seems to have nixed the idea. I just don’t think they are trying hard enough.

When he first came into office, Obama asked if he could get a hybrid limo. I’ve got to give Obama props for at least giving it a shot. The reason why they can’t make it a hybrid really is understandable as the Presidential limo is laden down with so much security and technology that it weighs between two and three times what a “normal” car would weigh. So we’re looking at a vehicle that weighs at least three or four tons, and maybe more. Fitting such a vehicle with a hybrid drivetrain… well, it might not do a whole lot for gas mileage, and where would you cram it?

But this is America! We are builders of great things, and Obama is the man in charge. I believe that if he had truly wanted a hybrid limo, he would get it. Alas, it doesn’t appear to be happening… at least not in this term. A hybrid limo wouldn’t be able to get away quickly enough, and it is important that the President be protected. Still, it would make a powerful statement to the rest of the country… and maybe if they keep at it, it could happen some day soon.

Source: CBS | Image: The Secret Service

Christopher DeMorro

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