VW Says 85% of Jetta SportWagens Sold in March were Diesels

It’s hard to believe how much difference a couple of years makes. I remember when those of us that were banging our gongs to the European automakers to bring diesels back to the US were dismissively waved away as “not understanding the American market” or “not in touch with reality.” How wrong the high paid salesmen, marketers and bean counters can be sometimes, no?

VW has just released its March sales figures, and their TDI clean diesel models are doing amazingly well. Just as an example, of the 2,000 Jetta wagons sold fully 85% of them were diesels. Yeah, Americans will never take to diesels. Sure.

Man, it seriously used to be like pulling teeth to get the automakers to even think about bringing diesels here. Now look at ’em. It’s like they’ve found a new treasure trove and are drunk on the diesel kool aid. If only they’d realized it sooner. But even with all their recent diesel success, they are still rolling out diesels to the US market at what feels like a very slow pace — considering that virtually all of their cars are available with diesel engines in Europe. Who wouldn’t kill for a 40 mpg (educated guess) diesel Tiguan? That would even beat the pants off of the Ford Escape Hybrid.

So VW, now that you know Americans are hungry for the high mileage clean diesels, what are you waiting for? Bring them now. All of them.

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Nick Chambers

Not your traditional car guy.