Fuel Efficient VW’s Pick Up Two 2010 World Car of the Year Awards

They may be small cars, but them’s some big, shiny, golden cahones! VW picked up a brand new pair at the 2010 New York Auto Show, winning both the 2010 World Car of the Year Award for the VW Polo and the 2010 World Green Car of the Year award for their entire BlueMotion lineup —the Polo, Passat and Golf.

There’s just a slight problem though… one ball is bigger than the other. Oh potty humor, you never seem to get old.

But you have to admit that Walter de Silva, head of VW Group Design, looks kind of ridiculous loaded up with both of those awards in the picture above, no? Seriously, the cahones thing is what popped into my head first. What can I say, I’m a 10 year old at heart I guess.

The World Car of the Year awards are sponsored by Bridgestone and hosted at the New York Auto Show but administered by the non-profit association under the guidance of a group of automotive journalists. The car candidates are nominated by a group of experts from each field — such as green car, performance car, and overall winner — and then the winners in each field are chosen by a large panel of jurors.

In the Green Car of the Year category, the VW BlueMotion group of cars beat out the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius — which took the two runner up postions — as well as 10 other cars that were in the group. The group of jurors clearly wanted to advocate a single message by choosing traditional combustion engined cars over hybrids.

“It is not necessary to add an electric motor and a heavy battery pack to achieve class-leading efficiency,” said the jurors in a statement. “Based on Volkswagen’s common-rail diesel engines, the BlueMotion models are among the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market. In fact, the Passat BlueMotion can travel just about 1,000 miles on one tank of fuel in the European cycle. As far as internal combustion engines go today, these models are the ultimate you can get.”

In the overall winner category, the World Car of the Year, the VW Polo was chosen out of a group of 30 contenders from 25 countries.

“Holding its own in the most competitive market segment, the all-new Polo MkV is one of VW’s star performers,” said the same group of jurors. “Boasting best-in-segment packaging and handling, this supermini’s blend of classy looks, reliability and quality has meant it’s consistently been one the market’s best-sellers… The Polo is just one brilliant supermini.”

The Polo beat out the other top two cars in the overall winner category, the Mercedes E-Class and the Toyota Prius.

This trend towards recognizing much improved combustion engine technology over hybrids has been growing over the last year, with cars such the Audi A3 TDI clean diesel taking the Green Car of the Year Award at the LA Auto Show last Fall. Personally, I’m glad we’re finally focusing on making all our cars fuel efficient and not just building frankenstein hybrids to solve the problems we all face — the the awards are just a way to reflect this growing sentiment within the auto industry.

Nick Chambers

Not your traditional car guy.