Make Quiet Waves With an Infinyte Electric Boat

I’m not much of a boater. To be entirely honest, open water with no land in sight kind of scares me. But I’ve managed to make it on a few boats, and the one thing I always noticed, and hated, was the noise from the outboard motor. It can be impossible to have a civilized conversation even at half throttle. The other problem is that these engines suck down gas like it is going out of style.

That is why I like this electric boat from Infinyte. It replaces the big, stinky outboard with two 2 horsepower electric motors, resulting in a quiet and civilized journey.

Infinyte offers three different sizes of electric boats, though the first two are essentially small fishing craft. The largest boat can easily hold a family of five though, and rather than turn the boat with a wheel or the motor, a simple joystick allows maneuvering. The sleek catamaran hull and twin electric engines allow for a cruising speed of up to eight knots. Not exactly the fastest water craft… but not too shabby either. Even better though is that the battery (depending on which you choose) can last up to ten hours. Like I said, not too shabby.

Most outboard motors return under 5 mpg going at a cruising speed of 20 mph. Crappy gas mileage, but much faster than the 8 knots that the Infinyte is capable of. Yet, considering that many outboard engines cost about the price of a used Subaru, plus all the gas required to get anywhere, an electric leisure boat starts to make sense. The only issue… where do you recharge the sucker? Most docks I’ve been to don’t have electric outlets just lying around. No mention on costs of the Infinyte, but it probably wouldn’t take too long to make up those costs in saved fuel.

Source: Treehugger via Infinyte

Christopher DeMorro

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