Rumor: Ford to Unveil Hybrid Lincoln MKZ at New York Auto Show

The Detroit News is reporting that “according to people familiar with the company’s plans,” Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln brand will use its press conference at the NY Auto Show this week to unveil a luxury hybrid Lincoln MKZ based on the same hybrid platform as the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

If this is true, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid will mark new territory for Ford, putting it in direct competition with the likes of Toyota’s Lexus hybrids. As the first US automaker to build hybrids back in 2004, Ford has had incredible success lately with its Fusion Hybrid. Although Toyota still dominates the hybrid marketspace, sales of the Fusion Hybrid have been growing dramatically due to overwhelming response to the well built car.

Other than the addition of the hybrid drivetrain, the MKZ hybrid will reportedly be identical to a conventional MKZ. If Lincoln can price the MKZ hybrid below the competition, an ever-more embattled Toyota/Lexus will likely see even more of its market share whittled away.

Source: Detroit News

Nick Chambers

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