GM Working On Twin-Turbo V6 For Upcoming Cadillac XTS

The future of V8-powered cars may be coming to a sudden (if expected) end. Just 5% of cars are purchased with optional V8 engines anymore, and big strides are being made in turbocharging and small displacement engines. Ford has its line of EcoBoost engines, which it says will eventually be available in 90% of its lineup. GM is throwing its hat into the turbocharged, EcoBoost-like ring as well.

The General is said to be working on a twin-turbo version of its 3.0 liter V6 engine, which should make its debut in the upcoming Cadillac XTS. So… is it still going to be a hybrid?

Turbochargers are nothing new to the automotive scene, and domestic manufacturers have been toying with turbochargers for decades. GM made a turbocharged version of the Corvair in the 1960’s, and there was even a turbocharged 301 V8 version of the Pontiac Trans Am. More recently there was the Chevy Cobalt SS (first with a supercharger, then the turbo) and the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky turbocharged cars. Ford had the Mustang SVO, but nothing much else since, at least in America.

The 3.0 liter twin-turbo engine could produce as much as 435 horsepower, though its supposed premiere in 2011 or 2012 in the Cadillac XTS raises my eyebrows a bit. I was under the impression the XTS would be a hybrid… is it going to be a twin-turbo hybrid? Further, will this engine find its way into the Camaro sooner rather than later? The GM engine will likely suck up less fuel than its larger Ford counterpart, but it sends mixed singles about the XTS. I’ll have to wait and see where GM goes with this one.

Source: GM Inside News | Image: GM

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