Peugeot Diesels Take Checkered Flag at American Le Mans

Pardon the tardiness for this update from the weekend’s season opener of the American Le Mans Series. I am still recovering from Corvette Racing’s two cars running into each other, taking themselves out of the running for the win in the GT2 class.

But in the Prototype class, it was all about the diesels. In fact, the French car maker Peugeot took the 1-2 finish at American Le Mans, making it the third world class race the brand has won thus far in 2010.

The twin Peugeots 908 HDi cars dominated the 3.7 mile track around Sebring for most of the 12 hours of the race. The two winning cars ran a total of 367 laps during the 12 hours, with just 13 seconds separating them in the final lap. Running powerful V12 diesel engines, both Peugeots dashed across the field, beating their cometitors from Lola, Ferrari, and Porsche handily.

The 5.5 liter V12 engine makes about 730 horsepower and almost 900 ft-lbs of torque thanks to its clever design. As with all cars in the ALMS, Peugeot runs an alternative fuel to gasoline as to clean up the image of racing. While Peogeot has found a winning formula with diesels, other teams were running hybrid-electric cars, E85, or even ALMS’s newest biofuel, isobutanol. Peugeot has even toyed with a hybrid-electric diesel version of the 908. The season has just started, but I already can’t wait for more.

Source: ALMS | Image: Peugeot

Christopher DeMorro

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