Porsche Establishing Business Case for 918 Spyder; Wants Firm Orders Before Building

From the moment it was unveiled to a surprised world at the Geneva Auto Show, the 918 Spyder concept super-eco-sports car has been building a head of steam to actually reach production. The 78 mpg, 0-60 mph in 3 seconds, plug-in hybrid certainly has built up a large cult following in the few weeks since its introduction. I don’t think Porsche will have trouble finding the firm orders necessary to make a case for building it.

According to Automobile Magazine, Porsche is working with its global dealer network to round up names of potential buyers — with the ultimate goal of getting 1000 firm orders. The company used the same strategy to get its Carrera GT to market in the early 2000’s, so it has some experience in this realm. If the same amount of enthusiasm from the initial introduction continues over the next several months, I guarantee we’ll see the 918 Spyder on the roads within a few years.

But, as Automobile Mag points out, the Carrera GT cost $440,000 dollars when it was introduced, and Porsche’s R&D Chief, Wolfgang Dürheimer, said the 918 Spyder will cost more than the Carrera GT. Uf! All I can ever hope for is a chance to test drive the thing… or make some really rich friends!

Source: Automobile Mag (via AutoblogGreen)

Nick Chambers

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