Eco Electric ATV Is More Practical Than You Think

I’ve never really ridden an ATV, though I always wanted to. They look fun, and driving through nature would be a nice change of pace. But ATV’s are noisy, dirty (due to largely unregulated small engines), and in the wrong hands, very destructive. While we can’t do much about people choosing to tear up a plot of land with their off-roader, there are alternatives when it comes to noise and emissions.

Last year we heard about Barefoot Motors electric ATV, and now EVS has thrown their hat in the ring with the Eco Electric ATV. It offers three times the torque of its gas-powered counterparts, giving it a towing capacity of a thousand pounds! Not bad for a little ATV eh?

ATVs are very popular here in Connecticut. They are used as much for recreation (despite numerous laws to the contrary) as they are for use around farms and businesses. They do have legitimate uses, and like I said they look fun. While there are numerous electric motorcycle makers popping up, ATV’s are a rather untouched field.

The Eco Electric E-Force ATV uses a Torque on Demand system to offer up to 374 ft-lbs. That is almost as much as the new 5.0 liter V8 Mustang! What’s more, the E-Force can last up to eight hours on a charge, and can have 90% of its battery recharged in 4 to 5 hours. The battery is good for 500 charges, and while no price is mentioned, a full charge costs just $.40. You could make up the price difference pretty quick at that rate.

There are many ways to enjoy nature, and let’s be honest, not everyone likes walking through the woods. Some people want to drive. And as long as they don’t go out of the way to wreck the scenery for other people, I say let them at it. Just like Barefoot and EVS, hopefully other ATV makers will catch on and realize what a great platform for an electric vehicle ATV’s are.

Source: Treehugger via Eco Electric ATV

Christopher DeMorro

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