Opel Contest: Europe’s Greenest Driver Wins an Ampera

There are so many ways to win a car. Most often, it comes down to a raffle and the luck of a draw. But some car contests are based on skill or experience, and those tend to be the most fun.

GM’s European branch, Opel, is offering just such a contest. They are looking for Europe’s Greenest Driver. After completing an online quiz and driving simulator, 20 handpicked participants will be given a chance to demonstrate their fuel-scrimping skills in a bid to win one of the first Opel Amperas to roll off the production line.

The Opel Ampera is a sleeker looking version of the Chevy Volt, designed specifically for Europeans. Opel currently offers a line of three ecoFLEX cars, which as you might imagine are very gas and emissions efficient. In a bid to promote the plug-in hybrid Ampera, Opel is searching for “Europe’s Greenest Driver”. So how does one qualify as such a candidate?

The first step is to sign up and complete an online quiz, weeding out the wanna-be’s from the people who know what it takes to be green. From there, people who pass the quiz are taken to an online driving simulator where they must prove they are frugal with fuel. The top 20 ranking contestants, one from each participating country, will then be invited to Sweden where they will compete against each other in real-life driving to take home the title of ecoFLEX Experience Champion. And of course, the lucky winner gets one of the first Opel Amperas as a prize.

Sounds like a cool contest. So what gives GM? Do you just like Europe better, or do you not want to give away any of your precious Volts?

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Source: Opel

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