Likely 2011 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost Spied

The Ford Fiesta is one hot hatch, with thousands of pre-orders already in place and the car soon set to launch. While it is a strong looker with impressive MPG ratings (likely around 40 mpg on the highway) it is lacking in one key area; horsepower.

With 120 horsepower on tap, it isn’t exactly the epitome of¬†excitement. But there has been plenty of speculation about Ford dropping one of its new EcoBoost engines into the hatchback. These spy shots from Autoblog seem to indicate just such a project is under way at Ford.

The most obvious hint that this Fiesta is packing a turbocharger is the blacked-out intercooler on the bottom half of the grill. Other hints include the dual exhaust, big alloy rims, low-key body kit, and lots of blacked-out trim. Whether this is a production-intent model, or something destined for an aftermarket show like SEMA, I don’t know.

In the very-likely case that this is a turbocharged engine, it is probably one of two options from Ford’s lineup of EcoBoost engines. There is the diminutive 1.6 liter engine with 170 horsepower, and the bigger 2.0 liter engine with 240 horsepower. The Fiesta will likely get the 1.6 liter engine, while the 2.0 liter engine is destined either for the Fusion or Focus. Either way, I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one of these to take her for a spin!

Source: AutoBlogGreen | Image: KGP Photography


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