Mini E Driver Says Friends Worry More About Range Anxiety Than He Does

Here’s a little nugget that suggests range anxiety may be an overblown topic: Northeast Mine E test driver, Tom Moloughney, writes on the Inside Line blog that in the year he’s been driving the car he’s never had a problem with getting stranded. And if there’s anybody who should have had a chance to get stranded in a Mini E, it’s Moloughney — he’s driven more than 23,000 miles in the car. Mr. Moloughney says that, in fact, he’s been so unconcerned with range anxiety that he rarely even looks at his range gauge anymore.

It’s gotten to the point that his friends and colleagues fret more about it than he does, wondering frequently if Moloughney will be able to make it to lunch dates and the like.

Talking specifically about the phenomenon of range anxiety, Moloughney says “I’ll admit I had some of those feelings the first month I drove the car so I know why people who haven’t lived with an electric would think that was so. Heck, even the staff at Inside Line writes about how they feel anxious sometimes about making it to the next charge up. This is understandable because they drive the car for a few days and then not again for weeks. You do need a little time (a month or so) of driving it almost daily to know for sure how far you can go and gain the confidence that it will not “run out.”

As I’ve said before, when the average American drives much less than 100 miles a day, they may not even be given the opportunity to worry about range anxiety because they’ll almost never reach even close to that limit. Given that most buyers will likely have two or more cars in their household, for the rare occurrence that the driver of an EV needs to go more than 100 miles, they’ll just take the other car. Certainly Mr. Moloughney’s experiences would echo the fact that range anxiety is likely to be a non-starter of an issue.

Source: Edmunds Inside Line


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