Atomik Fiat 500 Abarth Electric Conversion is All Speed

Chrysler is hurting. Bad. Of the Big Three, it is in the worst shape, and its product portfolio is woefully out of date.

Their new “Italian Overlords” at Fiat are injecting some much-needed modernity into the lineup, including the very popular (in Europe) Fiat 500. Fiat even teased us with an electric Fiat 500 at the Detroit Auto Show… but no word on whether or not such a model is planned for production. So Atomik Cars beat Fiat to the punch, taking the much-lauded 500 Abarth Edition and turning it into an electric supercar.

The Abarth, in petrol-powered form, features a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine that makes 135 horsepower and a 152 ft-lbs of torque. Not exactly earth shattering, but an improvement over stock, and good enough to hit 62 mph in about 8 seconds. Given the righteous torque available from an electric motor, an electric version of the 500 should be considerably faster.

Atomik Cars (whose website is under construction apparently) plans to replace the standard drivetrain with a 300-horsepower equivalent AC electric motor. That would take the 0-62 time to about 5.6 seconds. Power will come from a lithium iron phosphate battery pack of unknown capacity, and the Atomik 500 will have air conditioning, heating, and all the other luxuries one expects from modern cars. The catch? Atomik Cars plans just 50 copies. We’ll bring you more details when the electric Fiat from Atomik makes its debut at Top Marques Monaco.

Source: AutoblogGreen | Atomik Cars

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