Nissan Could Bring NV200 Compact Minivan To U.S. – May Include Electric Version

Are vans suddenly cool again, or did I just miss the memo?

For a while there it seemed like the van, especially the minivan, was on its way out. Just look at Ford and GM’s lineups… no more mini-vans. But Ford has started importing the Transit Connect, and plans to introduce an electric version at the end of this year. Not to be outdone, Nissan announced the NV200 van at the Tokyo Auto Show last year, and said it could come to U.S. shores not too far in the future — and an all-electric version could follow thereafter.

Nissan surprised the auto world when it unveiled its LEAF electric car, which is slated to go on sale later this year. This will make it the first all-electric vehicle offered by a major automaker on U.S. shores. Ford and GM aren’t far behind, with the Focus BEV and Volt (which isn’t all electric) respectively, but it looks like the LEAF will beat both of them out of the gate. However, Ford has the Transit Connect, which has already found a devoted following among small business owners.

The recently announced electric version of the Transit Connect should be a huge boon to small business owners, cutting down dramatically on fuel costs. Perhaps Nissan senses this, and has decided to throw their hat in the ring to give Ford some competition. There is, however, no timeline or model or anything really beyond talk at this point. I’ve always liked Nissan though, and competition breeds innovation.

Lets see what you got Nissan!

Source: Green Car Advisor

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