Fisker Says It Could Build 100,000 Electric Cars Annually At Delaware Plant

Fisker Automotive is one of the electric car hopefuls that has won many of us over with their sleek, sexy visions of what an electric car should look like. The company has received hundreds of millions in government funding, and recently acquired an old GM plant in Delaware which they are retooling to produce their Karma plug-in sedan and an as-of-yet unnamed, “lower cost” sedan.

During a recent presentation at the New Castle Chamber of Commerce, Fisker spoke about the progress of the plant and their future plans. This includes hopefully producing around 100,000 plug-in electric vehicles per year by 2014.

Fisker’s Karma sedan makes some bold promises; 0-60 in six seconds, 125 mph, and 50 miles of all-electric power, after which it becomes a hybrid car capable of high mileage (around 67 mpg or so). The Karma is also going to cost $80,000, not exactly practical for most of America. That is why Fisker is also working on what they call “Project Nina”, a lower-cost sedan with mass market appeal. The Karma is certainly eye-catching; I’m hoping the Nina will be just as sexy.

During his speech, company CEO Henrik Fisker said that he wants to build cars that people want. And as a recent study pointed out, people don’t just want fuel efficiency; they want a car that is in every way a better automobile. Fisker hopes to get prototype models of the Nina pumping out of the plant next year, with production ramping up in 2014. The Karma will be assembled in Finland and shipped over to America later this year, although the Delaware plant could feasibly be retooled to build the Karma as well. Fisker hopes to also export both of these cars to emerging markets like China.

I’m looking forward to the Karma in a big way, and it would be nice to see a start-up company give the Detroit Big Three some competition en masse.

Source: AutoblogGreen | Fisker

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